Strategic Voter is an independent non-party peace initiative aiming both to outwit and eventually replace our macho Divide and Rule, Winner-Takes-All political system.

We do not believe there is any One Size Fits All party to vote for across the board.

Horses for Courses

Instead we try to take an impartial attitude and suggest tactical backing a wide range of ‘horses for courses’ – LibDems, SNP, Plaid Cymru – and also Respect and the Greens if and where they can make the strongest tactical case why they are the best-placed anti-war party in any particular seat.

As well as ‘tactical voting’ we also promote consideration of ‘strategic voting’ as an option for Centre-left voters in Lab-Con marginals in certain circumstances (all will be revealed!).

If your question isn’t answered, or you agree or disagree (constructively!) with us then we would be pleased to hear from you, see the contact details page.

The campaign has benefitted from the moral support of several other people, especially Ian Henshall, chair of INK and author of We would also like to thank David Cook for his lovely logos! (, ‘CW’ from London for excellent advice on London seats, and others.

Other questions